Boiler Chemicals


TIG Group OSL 100 – Oxyscavenger for Boiler, High Performance (Liquid)

TIG GROUP OSL is a fast-acting chemical scavenger of oxygen used to prevent oxygen corrosion in steam generating system.

TIG Group OSP 100 – Oxyscavenger for Boiler, High Performance (Powder)

TIG Group OSP is used to control corrosion pitting caused by the presence of dissolved oxygen. TIG Group OSP is primarily used as oxygen scavenger/anticorrosion in boiler water treatment.

TIG Group KORAMINE – Corrosion Inhibitor in Steam-Condensate Lines

TIG Group KORAMINE is an effective and efficient neutralizing amine for use in preventing corrosion in steam-boiler condensate-return lines and steam turbines.

TIG Group TSP – Sludge Dispersant with Corrosion Inhibitor

TIG GROUP TSP is a liquid phosphate cycle treatment designed to prevent boiler deposits. The phosphate is used to precipitate soluble calcium hardness from the boiler water.

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