Our door is always open to provide you with advice. We will help you to:

  • Choose the right chemicals treatment for your tower:

(e.g., counterflow or crossflow; single- or multi-cell; forced-or induced-draft; closed circuit or open loop, etc).

  • Decide the chemicals that meet your needs —verify that they correlate with the process water, climate, and other conditions on site.
  • Choose the right chemical for your application, thereby optimizing thermal efficiency, increasing energy savings and sustainability, and working within space constraints and budget considerations.
  • Solve operational problems such as scaling, fouling , microbiological fouling, poor water quality, and composition.


In many cases, consulting us precedes any commercial or technical decision; in any case, any inquiry is answered rapidly and taken seriously, because we believe a professional and honest answer is highly appreciated by our customers.

TIG Group’s experienced engineering team brings you the highest value solution for any RO plant, Cooling Tower, Chillers, Boiler application


1.TIG GROUP offers feasibility studies for cooling tower blow down water recycling applications in cooling tower system.

2.Due diligence studies on performance of water treatment plant and quality of product water.

3.Technical support services on design, engineering, installation and commissioning of water treatment control systems.

4.Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance services for water disinfection equipment.

5.TIG GROUP provides innovative solutions by integrating instruments, sensors, fluid handling and extensive remote data communications technologies through PLC/SCADA connectivity for water treatment applications.

6.TIG GROUP specialist technicians give services for chemical dosing system & controllers, disinfection equipment for water treatment application.

7.TIG GROUP engineers can also assist in life cycle maintenance planning, including preventative maintenance, asset replacement planning and recording of unscheduled repair, breakdowns, inspection and calibration data.

8.TIG GROUP waste recycling & water reuse consultancy services are engineered to satisfy stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements in respect to sustainability, protection of the environment and public health.


a.Annual maintenance contracts for chemical treatment program applications

b.Quality services for troubleshooting and assessment of chemical treatment programs

c.Methodologies and supervision of water system preparation; flushing and passivation

d.Chemical cleaning for condensers and cooling towers and boiler systems Enquiry


a.Design, Installation and commissioning services of dosing systems and chlorine generation services

b.Design, Installation and commissioning services of side stream filtration systems Enquiry


For portable and lab testing of all kind of water analysis

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