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TIG Group have been one of the pioneers in water treatment, committed to helping our customers achieve operational reliability and the optimization of their water systems. Our team are acknowledged experts in the fields of chemical formulation, water plant management, the supply of chemicals and other consumables, problem solving and training.

In 2009 TIG opened a Chemical Formulation and Blending facility, located in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, to enhance our Water Treatment capabilities. This specialist facility enables TIG Group to extend the range of services offered to include a wide selection of specially formulated chemicals, developed through our German headquarters.

The TIG Group blends complex chemicals for their own product range, as well as specialist formulations to suit the global market needs and requirements. Depending on your needs, our experienced technical staff can cost effectively supply a wide range of products to suit, and provide the flexibility to modify an existing formulation or create an entirely new solution.

In 2011 TIG Group expanded the Ras Al Khaimah facility as a direct result of our growing business, supporting our own client membrane systems in use throughout the world, and an ever increasing network of distributors, agents and end users.

We have introduced new blending tanks of varying sizes, the tanks can all be integrated to provide bulk manufacturing, and segregated to provide individual smaller volumes. In this way, we can be extremely reactive to your individual needs, covering emergency situations with the same ease and professionalism that we do with scheduled blends. We package in sizes from 25 kgs, 220 kgs and 1000 kg IBC’s as standard. We also have sufficient flexibility to package specifically for individual clients to comply with your exact specifications.

We provide a full storage service, including loading and unloading of the product. Our facility is modern and well managed, making it a sensible solution for chemical storage needs.

As part of our quality assurance program, all production batches are monitored and all relevant data recorded and stored. A Product Data Sheet, Certificate of Analysis (CoA), and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available for each batch, and a sample is retained on site for 12 months.


TIG Group strives to become the global provider of choice for sustainable, intelligent water and energy management solutions and systems. The Group pledges to lead by example and to influence others to do likewise. Our intention is also to be an active part of our local community wherever we operate in terms of both environmental and social impact.


We will deliver long term value in water treatment supply and services to our valued customers, enabling them to achieve operational efficiency and longevity in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.


Customer Focus – Every employee is customer satisfaction driven. We commit to provide our clients with value-added products and services and to achieve high returns on investments for our shareholders; we further strive to exceed their expectations and keep them continuously informed through personable, honest and open communications.

Quality – We commit to deliver quality services and products that are in line with our customers’ needs, and to maintain World Class performance in all our business undertakings. This is founded on the highest standards of customer service, uncompromised ethics and environmental consciousness. Our quality systems ensure that we do this right the first time, every time

Sustainability – TIG Group is a responsible corporate citizen that aims to implement sustainable practices throughout its businesses. Our commitment to sustain the environment is achieved fundamentally through being an integral player in an industry with a mission to meet the world’s water demands and to preserve its resources. Stemming from our People Focus, we also aim to invest in and develop human elements to help provide a sustainable pool of talents to the communities we work-with.

Leadership – We lead with integrity, refined expertise and creativity, both as individuals within an organisation and as an organisation operating in local and global markets. Our tried leadership approach demands leading by example and influencing others to do likewise and with this, accountability becomes a guaranteed bi-product.


We are committed to deliver products and services within the promised time at the agreed delivery point to total customer satisfaction.

Our commitment also extends to meeting customer requirements through periodical assessment, regular communications with principals and vendors as well as improvement initiatives, and seamless training of our service personnel.


We will continue to raise awareness amongst our personnel to minimize environmental impacts of our operations. We will support waste reduction plans from concerned authorities.

We will ensure that our activities at all levels are in consonance with prescribed environmental benchmarks and statutory obligations.


We will ensure our products are handled and stored properly to guarantee safety and well-being of our people, partners, customers and the community.

We will incorporate all precautions in our operational activities to address key health, safety, and environmental concerns such as occupational health exposures, resource utilization and major spills.


We are committed to deliver products and services to customer expectation. We are determined to protect health and safety of all the people associated with us in any way.

We strive to ensure safe and environment-friendly operation and maintenance of all equipment to prevent personal injury and property damage to third parties.


We are certified for ISO 9001:2000, NSF, work in strict conformance to these quality system standards at every level of our operations.

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